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Branica will improve the reputation of your site, drive referral traffic and increase search engine rankings. In one proven and natural strategy...

What we do?

At Branica, we have a passion for helping online business owners and marketers succeed, whether working on their own websites or running campaigns for clients.

We have many years of experience in content driven marketing and now offer simple guest blogging and blogger outreach packages to cater for different websites – from personal blogs to ecommerce stores, we can increase your website traffic, leads and sales.

Why choose us?

Your website will see a boost in brand reputation

By researching your industry/niche and your main competitors or industry leaders, we will be able to create the most engaging content for your website and for guest blogging on high authority blogs through blogger outreach. This is the fastest and most effective way of building up your brand reputation.

Your website will see a boost in referral traffic from relevant sites

After some content and links have been placed on other blogs, those links and mentions will bring in referral traffic. Much of this will be through the links themselves but more importantly, social sharing will create a buzz about your website or brand which leads to new visitors and potential leads or customers.

Your search engine rankings will increase quickly to the top positions on Google, Yahoo and Bing!

As search engines such as Google see your referral traffic increase and crawl the links that are being built, your rankings will keep going up and up. As your rankings improve, a constant stream of targeted search engine traffic will bring new visitors and customers directly to your website.

branica services

Guest blogging and blogger outreach services – Branica

Develop your blog or website traffic with our Guest Blogging services

Branica offers a range of services that will increase your website or blog traffic through guest blogging and blogger outreach. You will see your site visitors increase along with your sales or advertising revenue. We will write engaging content for your blog or to place on other blogs in order to gain natural links.

Increased traffic to your website means more sales and ad revenue

Our guest blogging and blogger outreach services not only improve the quality of your site and brand reputation – they provide referrals from similar sites and boost your rankings on search engines such as Google so that you can rank #1 for competitive keywords in your niche. All of this adds up to more customers, visitors and revenue.

Make your website a success online

Whatever your industry or niche, you can make your website a success by utilising our proven guest blogging and blogger outreach services…

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Google has a positive view on Guest Blogging…

When done properly, guest blogging through genuine blogger outreach is still the most effective way of gaining links and increasing rankings. As long as you want to share useful content to real people then it will always be the best practice.

Our Ethical Approach…

We understand that your clients are important and cannot be put at risk with any unnatural or spammy link building. Through genuine blogger outreach, our approach is completely ethical and guarantees that any campaign will provide a natural link profile for websites in any niche. We are happy to work with you on the content and anchor text strategy so that Google sees not only a natural link profile, but also some fantastic and engaging content published through guest blogging.

What they say about us!*

  • We use Branica to service our SEO clients and they have given us some great results, particularly for retail and ecommerce campaigns.

    Natalie Stanson - Rocket Media

  • Initially we tested the guest blogging and blogger outreach on a new money site and the traffic increase from search engines was immense!

    Will Turnbull - Mantle Ltd

  • Having struggled to find effective SEO services for the pharmaceutical niche, finally Branica have provided impressive results without using any spam or blackhat techniques.

    Elliot Matthews - Pharm2U

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* results may vary case by case, and not guaranteed

Blogger Outreach Service

Engaging content with natural links on genuine, authority websites.

Perfect SEO Formula

Through manual outreach and clever content, we can cure all of your SEO headaches. Great Content + Real Authority Websites + Natural Links = Success.

Genuine Outreach

We do the nitty gritty and manually find blogs and contact them individually, depending on the project requirements. No networks or spam, only real influencers.

Written Content

We write all of the content in native language. You decide whether you want this in a UK or US style and what kind of tone the content needs to be delivered in. We also write in the following languages: Spanish, Italian, German, French, Russian, Portuguese.

Detailed Reporting

Upon completion we deliver a full report including site metrics and live date. Use this for link tracking. Ranking reports can also be provided if you require this.

Improved Reputation

You will gain links from relevant sites which will help to build your brand reputation. Your readers will love the content and will want to follow your activity and visit your site.

Fast Turnaround

Orders of 1 placement are usually delivered within 48 hours, 2 to 3 days for 5 placements, and 3 to 5 days for 10 placements. The higher the DA – the longer it may take, but we always hit our deadlines.

Our work

Here are just a few examples of the kind of sites we are securing placements on everyday:


Choose your packages

‘DA’ stands for ‘Domain Authority’ in the Moz Index

We only go for quality blogs, so no placement will be below DA20. Standard packages are mixed DA20 to DA30, while Premium Services are DA30 or above for high authority guest blogging. All placements are guaranteed for 1 year.

Contact us for orders of more than 10.

1 Standard Placement


  • Domain Authority 20+
  • Free copywriting
  • At least 500 words of content
  • 1 keyword /Do-follow link
  • 48 hours turnaround

10 Standard Placements


  • Domain Authority 20+
  • Free copywriting
  • At least 500 words of content
  • 10 keywords / Do-follow links
  • 72 hours turnaround

1 Premium Placement


  • Domain Authority 30+
  • Free copywriting
  • At least 500 words of content
  • Images
  • 1 keyword / Do-follow link
  • 48 hours turnaround

10 Premium Placements


  • Domain Authority 30+
  • Free copywriting
  • At least 500 words of content
  • Images
  • 10 keywords / Do-follow links
  • 72 hours turnaround

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about our guest blogging through genuine blogger outreach services.

Who writes the content?

The team at Branica write all of the content from scratch in multiple languages and styles. We are talented and with plenty of experience in formulating great ideas for content, regardless of the niche.

Is guest blogging through blogger outreach an ethical form of SEO?

Yes this method is the most ethical and effective. The in-content links that we secure have been the ultimate ranking improving links for many years and will be for a long time. The links are in non-promotional pieces of content which are completely natural.

Can I link to multiple domains with your packages?

Yes, of course. If you order 5 placements you can link to one website or up to 5 websites. This is extremely useful if you have many money sites or clients to get links for.

Do you publish content on established high authority websites?

Yes. We only choose authority sites with readership and strong metrics. You can decide if you want DA20-30 or at least 30+ for maximum SEO power.

Can I choose which sites and review the content beforehand?

Yes, you can select the sites from a pool of proposed ones per your initial inquiry. However,  in order to maintain our fast turnaround times and effectiveness, you will not be able to review content in advance.

What if you cannot find relevant sites or blogs for my niche?

This has not happened yet, we have even managed to get natural links for adult/gambling/pharmaceutical niches. But, if we can’t get the job done then please expect a full refund and apology!

Where do the links go?

All of the links we place will be within the natural flow of the content which is the best way to provide value to the reader and also for SEO. We do not provide author links as these are ineffective.

Can I have anchor text links or plain links?

This is up to you! You can choose the anchor text/brand anchors/plain links depending on your strategy. If you need help with that then just let us know.

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